Vanessa’s Strength Training

SO! For those of you wondering what my workouts and overall fitness regime is you’ll be surprised that I don’t have a set routine. I mix it up everyday. This method works best to keep me motivated. Here are the movements that I will incorporate 4 times a week (and I make sure to walk 7 days a week).

  1. Power Cleans
  2. Weighted Front and back squats (lowest weight acceptable 30 pounds if I haven’t worked out for a while) 4 sets of 7.
  3. Kettlebell swings Minimum 6kg 4 sets of 10.
  4. Minimum 100 Situps (cross between regular and butterfly situps)
  5. Minimum 30 modified Pushups
  6. Minimum 20 Pull Ups (aided by a tenser band)
  7. Minimum 20 Toes to bar (modified knees to chest)
  8. Planks 1 minute
  9. Planks on Medicine ball 1 minute
  10. Side Planks 3o seconds each side
  11. Minimum 15 minutes Cardio (bike or treadmill)
  12. 20 Double unders and regular skipping in between
  13. Romanian Deadlifts Minimum 100 pounds
  14. Walk everyday for at least a total of an hour
  15. A 7am Yoga video routine
  16. Bike ride in the summer

These are the main things I try to to bring into my workouts or everyday habits to stay in shape. The difference between a fit and unfit person is that a fit person will incorporate exercise into their day (and healthy eating and drinking habits) even if they don’t make it to the gym.

*You do not have to do every move every workout, go at your own pace and modify sets and reps to match your fitness level.

**I am not a personal trainer. These are just the moves I do on any given day at the gym. Have a professional show you how to correctly do each movement.