Something For Sure

It wasn’t until she woke up in the hospital that she wondered where life had taken her. She lay there in emergency, tears streamed over her face. Why was she here? Why did this happen to her? No one could answer that particular question. No one could lead her in the right direction. It was time to think for herself but she couldn’t think. She felt suffocated by life. By failures. She felt the world didn’t want to understand her and she didn’t understand it.

But then she thought none of us were really meant to understand why things happened to us. Not things that were out of our control. The only thing we could do was weather the storm. And that was the key. To push through it all and deal with herself.

She sat up from her corner against the wall and started smiling, wiping away her tears. She wouldn’t be the loser. That was for sure.

  • Vanessa Vallozzi

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