Little Did They Know 

Turning heads, they look at her. Tall and thin. She stood at the edge of the side walk leaning forward. Looking for a cab they presume. She smiled at the moon and they wondered why. Why this woman was alone at this hour. Why she looked at ease in the dark of the city. 

Confidence and grace radiated from her. She was something different, something special. And they wanted all of her. Little did they know she had a dream. A dream that someday someone would see her as something special. Little did they know their thoughts were making that dream come true. 


  • Vanessa Vallozzi 

Hold on and #Live

She was overcome with a feeling. Hard to place, she felt lost. Useless and small, words. Universe, stars ✨ the world 🌎 endless. 

Energy can be created but not destroyed. We are a system all joined to one life force. Our energy is always present even after we pass. So grab on to it. A life force. A life of your own. Hold on and live. 

  • Vanessa Vallozzi 

Music playing in her ears she began to day dream. Day dream about the love she wanted. Day dream about the perfect job. The perfect condo. The perfect life she envisioned living.

What books would there be? What people would come into her life and sweep her off her feet? This is what she often thought of in her down time. This is what her life was becoming.

The sun beating down she decided to go for a walk and clear her head. It was time to focus on the things that really mattered to her. Focus on life, on being better, on loving herself.

  • Vanessa Vallozzi


She sat in bed waiting for the tiredness to entrance her. Nightlight on, she let the thoughts of her past run through her head. All of her fears and triumphs realized. She wasn’t finished, she could feel that. She wasn’t ready to sleep either. Her mind thinking about work, about family, about love all at once. 

She picked up her tea cup and sipped on it. Letting the warmth take over. She knew everything would be okay and she closed her eyes to feel relaxation throughout every bone in her body. She was in love with the process of sleep. How each night peace would come and in the morning go, just like that. Rest. She had come to appreciate rest. 

  • Vanessa Vallozzi 

Vision #quote #quoted

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. This is common knowledge. I know this. We hear it all the time but fail to see it in ourselves. We have negative thought processes that hold us back or leave us in a depressed state.

It is also common knowledge that we see the faults and mistakes of others better then our own. But how is that possible when the only way to see the faults of others is to either have experienced it or seen it ourselves. Or maybe we read it.

It’s easier to blame it on lack of self awareness. But I think we are aware, some of us just don’t want or don’t know how to change so willingly we blind ourselves to our own reality.

I read a quote that sums this up: It’s a terrible thing to see but have no vision.- Helen Keller.

I want you to sit with that for a little bit.

  • Vanessa Vallozzi

Something For Sure

It wasn’t until she woke up in the hospital that she wondered where life had taken her. She lay there in emergency, tears streamed over her face. Why was she here? Why did this happen to her? No one could answer that particular question. No one could lead her in the right direction. It was time to think for herself but she couldn’t think. She felt suffocated by life. By failures. She felt the world didn’t want to understand her and she didn’t understand it.

But then she thought none of us were really meant to understand why things happened to us. Not things that were out of our control. The only thing we could do was weather the storm. And that was the key. To push through it all and deal with herself.

She sat up from her corner against the wall and started smiling, wiping away her tears. She wouldn’t be the loser. That was for sure.

  • Vanessa Vallozzi