Pictures and Faces #WednesdayWisdom

A picture is worth a thousand words for those who are to lazy to write. I look at the image and see red. Squares of green and blue. I see women walking through a rose garden. I see the impression of a human body. I see the birds flying south and the trees extending towards the sky. I see the reflection of a man in the water and the clouds grey overhead.

I see a building and in it, a road reflected off the glass. I see cars and lights. All sorts of colours and shapes. I see life and love. I see machines that help us through our day and I see people who I will never know. I see blurred faces at dusk and moving bodies on bikes. I see our world and life and words come to mind.

Thin, beautiful, dark, cold, grey, sunlight, rays, happiness, smiles, green eyes, moles, gloves, trees, nature, ponds. It is all captured in a single image or a bunch of images. If I’ve seen one I still haven’t seen them all. And the question is. Do we really think of a thousand words when we see a picture? Do we think at all?

Do we even register beauty in every day life or do we let it walk right passed us without as small of a gesture as a compliment. This is life. A series of faces we will never know.

  • Vanessa Vallozzi

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