Silver and Gold #story 

His face reflects the grey of a sad sky. Over the hills of music you will find him. Cross legged in the Dandelions. He breathes the air of the forest 🌳 hoping for the days to change.

Grass green beneath his feet as he leaves at the end of each day. Having accomplished nothing. Lost and confused. He desperately thinks of a life he would want to live. Paralyzed by fear he sleeps in his bed. He makes it up every morning and walks to the park. It is there he finds solitude. Living in his mind, headphones playing instrumental sounds. And the strumming of a guitar sounds like his life. Sounds like the birds he feeds at dawn and the snail 🐌 he steps on in the park. The cracking of the shell like a drum 🥁 to his ears 👂.

Where will this day take him but nowhere. The same place he is always found. Cross legged in the grass pondering 🤔 the meaning of life and the truth of true love ❤️.

In this world of online media and books 📚 of faces he does not know where he belongs. An old spirit waiting for the day his world 🌎 will mesh with greater societies.

Trapped like a bird 🐦 in a cage. Nothin seems to be good enough or fair. Nothing seems to help him disconnect from a world that appears to have jumped on the bandwagon of the Internet. The silver clothing of a futuristic movie 🎥. That is what life has become. Silver and gold.


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