Not Another Today #truth 

I’m really angry today. I didn’t wake up that way. I woke up foggy. I realized that my excel skills have vanished. The more I try to remember the foggier my head gets and I ended up in full breakdown mode. 

The doctor told me it will be four to six months for my brain to settle and get back to normal. I’m only in month two and I’m terrified of relapsing. 

It’s a crippling feeling. What if my brain never returns to its normal self? Moments come where I feel normal again and then something triggers an emotional reaction and I return to the fog and pressure. It’s dibilitating and sometimes hurts like a constant pressure in my head, down my sinuses and in my teeth. 

I have to keep my head up and remind myself this is only a temporary set back. I will one day be myself again and an even better version than that. 

Today I thank you readers for supporting me and listening to my pain. I hope it somehow eases your own. 

  • Vanessa Vallozzi 

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