Girl Time #MondayMotivation

The suburban life is pretty simple. I used to watch shows like Laguna Beach and The Hills and wish I could live the lives these teenagers had. But I realize that I did and do live that life.

One of my best girlies and I went for latte’s tonight and walked around Vaughan. We talked work, life issues, boys all in the suburbs. It’s weird when your realize that the reality shows you watch resemble your own life. I guess that’s why people love them. You can live vicariously through them when you aren’t having the best times.

My friend Fil and I always have a tradition to use #chasing the moon when we chill and there is a really nice moonlight to our walk. We both cherish the movie moment and talk about manifestation and taking life by the reigns and steering it the way you want it to go. When I want something, I go after it. That’s how we should all be in life. Her and I have both been through hardships in life that we came out of stronger. We always relate on that level and that’s part of the reason I love her.

We both have lived Suburban lives. In 2012 we spent most days in the city together exploring. She lived downtown back in the day and wanted to show me all of her fave spots.

My morivation for you today is to remember that there are people out there who have lived a similar life to you and they are still standing. Everything will be okay. Hold on to that.

  • Vanessa Vallozzi

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