We Are Happy #suburbanlife 

I’ve lived my whole life in the same city. We lived in a house on a street called Mill Bank until I was 6 years old. Then we moved to a house on a street called Wade Gate and I lived there up until 2007. 

I now live in a house literally around the corner from our old house. And this is the geography of my life. 

I didn’t travel anywhere further than Muskoka or Ottawa until 2010 when I took my first trip to New York. My parents bought a cottage up north so when we were younger we didn’t do the Disney trips or all inclusive resorts, we spent our weekends and summer break at the cottage. 

My dad would take us tubing and in boat rides. We did water skiing and in the winter we went skating and ice fishing. I have so many great memories with the whole family up north. 

I didn’t move out of my house for University because I went to YorkU which is a 15 minute bus ride away from my house. 

You would think my life would be boring but I’ve had so much fun. I loved having my friends come up north and go swimming and tubing and shop the stores in town. 

I remember our first New Years at the cottage. It was 1999 and the whole family was up to celebrate. We had hats and horns and we watched fireworks over the lake. 

In 2011 my sister, cousin and our friends Sandra and Stephanie all booked a trip to Cuba. It was my sister and I’s first all inclusive trip. I got heat stroke and had what my sister referred to as 3rd degree burns within the first few days but it didn’t stop me from having fun. I wore pants and long sleeves into the ocean and danced the nights away at the local clubs. 

Living in a suburban bubble has not blinded me to the real world. I see what’s going on and wish I was able to do something about it. All of my problems are #firstworldproblems and that is why I try not to pity myself. Whatever obstacle life throws at me has been easily dealt with and for that I am lucky. Some people sulk and ask why me. They find their whole world is falling apart and they try to understand why. The better question is why not you? We all need to grow and become whoever it is we are meant to be. We can’t control everything. 

My whole life I’ve been lucky to live in the situation I do and I’m not ignorant to the facts. 

I am the real life Suburban Girl. In 2018 I’ll be moving out and into a condo in the suburbs, a 15 minute bus ride from where I currently live. I like my city, Vaughan. And I’m happy I grew up in a great place. And look forward to moving out on my own and continuing the Suburban experience. All the kids from my elementary school went to high school with me and a lot even went to the same uni as me. 

Sometimes you have to admit you ware happy where you are even though you thought you didn’t want to be there. 


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