IRL vs. URL #fashionmagazine @FashionCanada

I’ve been engrossed in the latest magazine that Fashion has put out. It is based around social media vs. real life. Sometimes it is hard to differentiate ourselves from our URL life. We are addicted to the most recent insta post or jump on the # bandwagon. IRL I like reading magazines. I know a lot of the world is becoming online based and it is an ECO friendly way of reading. But there is something about the experience of reading a magazine and smelling that magazine smell, that my senses love.

Seeing the URL world on the pages of a magazine is an interesting experience. I can’t click on a # to see what others are saying about it. I have to imagine what others would be saying. Come up with my own ideas. That’s why I love IRL experiences. The answers aren’t a click away, you actually have to use your brain. Our URL world is taking over our senses. I think some of us need to come back to reality for a moment. That’s why I love this issue of Fashion. My two worlds collide.

It’s made me contemplate how to bring my # world into my everyday life and vice versa.

  • Vanessa Vallozzi

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