Movie Moments #Romance

We all have those moments in life that feel like they were lifted out of the script of a movie. Here are some of mine:

  1. The way I met my first real boyfriend was movie moment worthy. He was standing infront of me a fence between us, shirtless on a hot summer day. He had been playing street hockey with his friends when their orange ball came over into our yard. I was giving it to him and I was attracted to him from that moment on.
  2. For Valentine’s Day the same guy took out all the lights in his apartment and changed them with red bulbs. He cooked me dinner and had gotten me a teddy bear, chocolates and sapphire earings. It was a romantic movie worthy evening.
  3. My most recent ex took me to my elementary school parking lot when he was dropping me home because it was a full moon and I told him I had always wanted to dance under the moon to the song Unchained Melody. He made that dream come true. It was so sappy, I loved it.
  4. Also, my most recent ex ran outside shirtless in a thunder storm and I followed him out to the front yard. It was beautiful and dangerous. We were dripping wet and he kissed me in the middle of the night in a thunder storm. Another movie moment I got to live.
  5. A guy I was seeing briefly during University was running to catch his bus after our night talking philosophy at the bar. We ran in the snow and he kissed me while we were running and holding hands. We just made it to the last bus at midnight. Very movie esque.
  6. A guy I liked last year straddled me in a pizza place to my surprise. He was hugging me and he kissed me. I was in shock and on cloud 9 all weekend. Another movie esque moment lived out.

These are the types of moments we have to be thankful for because not everyone gets them and they come few and far between. But it is best if we never forget them and always show gratitude.

  • Vanessa Vallozzi



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