Full of Grace #poetry #BloggingGals

Find your passion

Hold your tongue

Keep your memories

From when you were young

People praise you

People stare

People might give you

A nasty glare

But come the morning

Look in the mirror

See the lines

That may instill fear

Aging is a natural thing

Getting older

Spread your wings

Sometimes it’s hard

To say goodbye

A day, a month, a year

Will pass you, bye

And you wonder where the time went

What you could have done

Wonder why we revolve

Around a blistering sun

Lighting the good

And the bad

Sometimes when we sleep

We are glad

To have gotten through another day

No scratch, no tear

No left over fear

And we come undone

Under the moon

Flowers in full bloom

The suns rays on our face

The dancers movements

Full of grace


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