Girls Night #BloggingGals #thegirls #womenwednesdays

I told all my girlfriends that someday soon I’ll host a girls night at my place. That means pjs, junk food, movies and of course magazines.  

Today I’m not only celebrating one woman but women around the 🌎. 

Above are my four #favorite magazines. I’m spending tonight reading all the articles in each. And gushing over the pictures. I’ve loved magazines since I was a little girl. Back then I read magazines like POP with boy bands and girl bands. Every time I saw Sarah Michelle Gellar in a Covergirl advertising, I’d save the picture. I even put some up in my room. 

My taste in magazines changed drastically over time. I don’t think the industry will completely die out. I hear people talking about it. To me the fact that people are talking means the industry is still alive and in the end the favorites will last. There’s something about the physical experience of reading you can’t change. Holding a book or a magazine give me tingles. I love the smell of old books and of a fresh magazine. It’s a familiar experience to the senses. 

So tonight I celebrate all the cover girls, editors, writers, artists, associates, assistants, receptionists, makeup artists… everyone who made this experience possible. 

Part of why I fell in love with the series The Hills was because Lauren worked at Teen Vogue. I loved watching her work. 

So let’s celebrate marie claire, Elle Canada, Glamour and Fashion; my favorites. And we will celebrate all of yours. 

Girls night at my place 💞😎☕️

  • Vanessa Vallozzi 

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