I Remember Faith #itmustbetuesday #buffy

You couldn’t help but love Faith when she went on a downward spiral. She was in so much pain and Buffy was the only one who could see it. When all you want is someone to love you when you have someone less then ideal out stretching a hand you grab it and run. That explains Faith’s relationship with the mayor. It was a father daughter relationship.

Her character always had edge to her which drew me to her. When I was young I never felt strong and wished I could be a little more like Faith. But in the end she was the one who wanted acceptance the most out of everyone.

She was the fun slayer, the sexual one, the bad girl. Everyone wants a taste of that, even if only subconsciously, its there. Buffy got a taste but made the right decision to continue down the high road while Faith spiraled out of control.

We all have out of control moments in our life. That’s when we need people the most support form their friends.


  • Vanessa Vallozzi

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