: Flora Rose

I look down on you from the clouds

I smile and laugh but sometimes frown

You come to me in times of need

You ask for forgiveness and sometimes you plead

It’s ok to sometimes feel

Like this life isn’t real

You never know what’s coming next

You never know who is the best

But sending you love

Is what I do

Sending you love through  music cue

And my eyes light up when you smile

My eyes light up for just a little while

You look at my picture and call out my name

You pick up the phone at the end of each refrain

Memories of my voice

Ringing in your ears

Never woke up

And left you in fear

But today I tell you it will be ok

You stood up and conquered

So look to me child

When the nights are long

I know you’ve been looking at me

All along

  • Vanessa Vallozzi

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