Life Lessons Forgotten

I remember in the later years of my high school experience, my friend Nancy and I used to sit and eat lunch in the stairwell. This was actually forbidden but we didn’t like sitting with our friends because the group had split. Some girls wanted one girl “out of the group” and Nancy and I thought that was ridiculous. Lunches would be spent bickering, so instead of partaking we sat on our own. Our friends were mad that we did this (and so were some of the teachers when they would find us on the steps. But we felt separate. Like none of this mattered in the big scheme of things.

My entire life I’ve seen a big issue with how females relate to one another. It’s why I spent the better part of 5 years writing on a blog called Life as a Girl. My hope was to demonstrate the important things in life. My hope was to help young girls being bullied have a place to escape and to see someone who was somewhat like them making it in the world and sharing good vibes. That’s why when I found the charity Youth Speak, literally in the office beside mine I was dumbfounded by how the universe works. Putting two people together when they needed each other. I still plan on volunteering for them when I get well (working on my own health issues at the moment).

All of these things just remind me of one thing. That we are all stronger then what the world has to throw at us. And that there are good people out there. You are just no looking.

  • Vanessa Vallozzi

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