@LiveLoveLakesha on #BlackLivesMatter

I’ve wanted to do a post on #BlackLivesMatter for a while now. Why I hesitated: being a white Canadian citizen I didn’t want to offend anyone or portray things in an incorrect manner.

I asked Live Love Lakesha to write the piece for me. She is a strong woman and I thank her for sharing her view point with the world and my readers.

  • Vanessa Vallozzi


One of the greatest things I ever read was “They love the culture but hate the skin”. How would you feel waking up knowing you created a platform and someone else is taking the credit because they feel like they’ve “Discovered it”. We all know how loosely the word “discovered” is used, especially after learning about Christopher Columbus. It is not only the blatant stealing from a culture but the wanting of them gone and telling them their lives don’t matter. How can you steal from us and then tell us we don’t matter but keep producing greatness? The value of lives shouldn’t be determined by stereotypes that were built out of the fear of being inadequate. People fear what they do not understand and won’t take the time to get to know a person. It’s just simpler stealing their symbols of culture and then saying Oh y’all didn’t do it first”. As the United States forget who backs this country was built on, many us are left screaming BLACK LIVES MATTER for the people who need to hear it daily.

Growing up a black woman in America hasn’t been all bad, but I feel the pressure. Walking into a store with lounge wear and I’m assured to be broke. I get into a program and they say I’m“filling a black quota”. It’s never the fact I worked hard or deserve this because I don’t have daddy’s money and no it’s because I’m the token black girl. Now don’t get me wrong this isn’t everyday but its there, and it’s strong. It’s in the looks you get when you’re the only person of color in the room. It’s in the stares when applying for a job and your name isn’t “normal” and easy to pronounce. Between all things are what make up the voice of why Black Lives Matter. We matter in every aspect from the boardroom to the streets.

So, what makes the black live so………. intimidating? Why instead of pulling your taser you shot? The answer to this question has yet to be solved. Why be a cop and be scared at the slightest bout of confrontation? These are daily questions we face while living black in America. We were taught in school to respect and appreciate police,  that’s hard to do when they become the criminals and we become R.I.P shirts and “updates at 10 pm.” We’re not saying all police and people are bad. If the good ones are not speaking up, how are we expected to believe they deserve our respect. You are just as bad as the actions you let unfold in front of you.

As we face these hard times, I ask everyone to defend for every race like they are directly related to you. Stand up for everyone because if they are going through it today it could happen to you. Stand with the black women and men fighting for justice. Our children are being kidnapped and killed for just being kids with darker skin. No matter what your background is we should stand to fight injustices in this world.



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