Woman of the Week #WomenWednesday

When my cousin introduced me to the series Laguna Beach, I became hooked. I fell in love with Lauren Conrad because she reminded me of myself. I feel like people really misunderstood her and labeled her to quickly as a princess. Yes she was born into money but she did so many good things with that. She held fundraisers and pushed hard to make it in the fashion industry. The show definitely helped her move in the direction she wanted to. Yes she was lucky but at the same time to make it as she has it takes work (a lot more then just luck) and it also meant pain and a life that was in the public eye which many people couldn’t handle.

I followed her to her hit show The Hills which lasted for 6 seasons. It followed her through work, friendships, lovers and everything most people wish to be kept private. I loved watching her during he internships at Teen Vogue and her work with Kelly Cutrone, CEO of People’s Revolution (another woman crush of mine).


Lauren now has her own clothing line and a successful website that she runs. She remains a style guru and well spoke, well put together lady.



Lauren (or LC as her friends call her 🙂 ) also started a company The Little Market to help artisan women around the world get their unique goods sold on a larger scale. This also helps them fund their villages and teach others the skills they need to run businesses and take care of their families.

LC has done so many great things to help make this world a better place. She’s come a long way from the teenage girl on Laguna Beach. To see more of here work check out her website: Lauren Conrad.

  • Vanessa Vallozzi

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