We Are All Chosen #tuesdayswithbuffy

In our lives we are all here to lead the lives we choose. Sometimes what is laid out before us is startling. We don’t know how to maneuver  out of an awkward situation. I find it funny because we are all given the tools in everyday life. Books, TV shows, life experience. I think we are really living in Oblivia like Katy Perry says.

I was in conversation with my friend Dennis and Mehtaab yesterday on the topic of how smart the world is. Dennis is under the impression most people are smart. I agree most people have the capability of being smart, but sometimes they don’t know how to be. There was a quote I saw on twitter that really stood out to me:


When we face our fears, inspire ourselves to grow and really work at being the person we imagine ourselves to be we can make our dreams a reality. There are many ways to make our dreams possible. You just have to be willing to sometimes think in unconventional ways. Remember you are the only one who has power and autonomy over yourself.

When times get tough I always look to Buffy for how to deal or think about a situation.

That’s my secret.

  • Vanessa Vallozzi

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