Lately I’ve Been Thinking…

I know… we think all the time. But lately I’ve been thinking about my past romantic relationships. For someone who is a hopeless romantic, I’ve done a good job failing at every relationship I’ve had. I think this is a common feeling among people. We are scared to share this because no one likes feeling like a failure. After 6 failed relationships, I definitely feel like a failure in this area of my life. But I have to tell myself that taking chances is something I’ve always done and will have the strength to continually do. Like that Celine Dion song:

Many famous people are famous because they took a chance. They put themselves out into the  vast universe and they did it. Hard work, good looks, luck, whatever you want to call it, most of them have taking chances in common.

I quoted Merly Streep on my Twitter feed today and her advice rings true in all of our hearts:


Remember though that something seeming impossible doesn’t make it so. How did I fail in my relationships? I let them continue on in unhealthy ways. Stayed in what became mutually abusive relationships. I let my relationship take hold of my life rather then my life take hold of my relationship. The people I found myself attracted to were not people it would work with in the long haul because of different views on how we wanted to live.

But I don’t feel like a failure, I feel now like an experienced woman.

  • Vanessa Vallozzi

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