Sundays With Nonno

I remember when I was a kid we used to go every Sunday to my Nonno and Nonna’s house. I’m sure I’ve said this already in another post. I always loved going for dinner. Today I relived that (and I have many other times) by visiting my Nonno and staying over for dinner. Some memories we talked about were the walks we used to go on. We used to walk around the school by his house and sit on the steps in the summer when it was warm and we wanted to be outside. Sometimes we would play basketball at the court or kick a ball around the soccer field. We flew mickey mouse kites around the field and went for walks in the wooded area (one time I walked right through poison ivy).

I like going to my Nonno’s house and being reminded of my childhood and all the good memories our family has made there. Sometimes when I have a bad day I think back on these times.

The field pictured above is one that I have had many dreams of. In my dream wild flowers grow all through the grass, which reaches above my ankles. There is  a horse grazing and I sit among the flowers thinking. I have this dream often. It’s always sunny and we never speak. I believe this horse is my spirit guide/animal.

I always used to walk across the brick wall pictured above. For some reason it seemed so scary then. Now it seems silly I was scared of a low wall.

My Nonno cooked Chicken Parmesan tonight. It was delicious.

The one thing I can tell you readers is to value the time you have with your family. Make a phone call, take a picture, tell them you love them. It’s important even though it seems like such a small thing. I disagree with Snow Patrol (even though I love their music) “those three words are said to much” you can’t say them enough. You’ll regret one day that the person is done. I do agree though that the words aren’t enough. Actions play a big factor in showing people you love them.

I thank the universe for the time I’ve had with family. And I play this song which was one of my Nonna’s favourites (and one of mine).


  • Vanessa Vallozzi



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