Everything Me

All of our life experiences combined as a whole make us who we are. I used to have a Pinterest board titled Everything Me. It felt a little narcissistic when I first created the board. But put social media into perspective for a sec k? It’s a medium we use to brand ourselves and our business. It’s a way to connect to more people then just the ones we can walk to a coffee shop with.

When we think of who we are some of us think of hobbies, think of fashion, think of language. All of these things make us who we are. People we meet, choices we make and lessons we learn. Sometimes we wonder “will it matter when I’m gone,” (Madonna). The thing is it will matter. If you choose to teach others. If you choose to “Leave Your Mark” (Aliza Licht). Whether it be through your career, your words (written and spoken) or your actions, you leave a mark on everyone you meet.

My family for the most part is not a fan of social media. And yes we can sit here and make a list of pros and cons as with everything in life. The question is how you choose to engage with the medium you sign up with.  I have three mediums I have chosen to engage with: Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. The best represent everything me.

So take a moment today to be narcissistic and think of everything you!

  • Vanessa Vallozzi

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