Toronto Comicon #Artisans #comicon

I spent today walking around  the Metro Toronto Convention Center at the famous Comicon event.

I love these events because it brings together people who all share in a passion. Passion for comic books, passion for art. passion for nerd culture. I love it. I love seeing people in their costumes not giving a damn what anyone thinks.

These are my 8 favourite booths from today’s excursion!

Rock Paper Cynic



Shop Nikki White

Geeky Pet 

Rob Brunette

Arcane Angel

A friend of mine was working at his friends booth. Andrea MacFarlane. She is a talented artist. I bought these beautiful illustrations off of her (one was a gift from my friend).

I used to watch Sailor Moon every morning before school. It is still one of my favourite anime series (if you like anime you need to watch Ramna 1/2 another good one).

“Secret powers are so new to her”


Ranma 1/2

“I’ll become wild like you”

I hope if you haven’t already, you make it out to Comicon, tomorrow is the last day: 10-5.

  • Vanessa Vallozzi 



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