Tuesday’s With Buffy #BTVS


When I was growing up my favourite television series was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I wanted to be Buffy. What I loved about her was her strength (both inner and outer). Every Tuesday night at 8 (7 central) I would be glued to the screen. So to celebrate my love for Buffy every Tuesday night at 8 I will watch an episode (I have all the seasons on DVD so I know most episodes by heart).

I have never been the new student at a school so the only way I have experienced this is through television. Buffy is new to Sunnydale High in the first episode. She is starting Gr.10 and just moved to Sunnydale from LA. In this episode she has a choice to be friends with the popular girls or the nerdy crowd (Willow and Xander). This is what I loved about Buffy. She never cared what anyone thought of her. She was friends with who she wanted to be friends with. I remember a line from the episode. Cordelia says to Willow “It looks like you’ve seen the softer side of Sears.” A dig at her nerdy outfit. I’ve always liked Sears, nothing wrong with shopping there.

Tonight I look forward to watching the first two episodes and re-connecting with the woman I am to the woman I wanted to be.

At the end of the second episode Giles voices his feelings about how Buffy and Scooby Gang (Willow and Xander) will fair in their fight against evil.

And in the series finale Joss Whedon brings us back to the original four:

I love how Joss Whedon wraps up the series and brings us back to the old days. Saying everything to me x 2.

  • Vanessa Vallozzi

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