Intense Love

Many people have described my loving style as intense and I would have to agree with them on this. As a writer and reader I over analyze everything in life. If I care about you I will let you know through my actions and through my words. But someone who isn’t used to this intensity or is turned off by it is clearly not someone I should be in an intimate relationship with.

When I miss you I’ll tell you. If you are my muse you’ll find yourself in my poetry and on my  mind. You’ll find yourself loving and hating me because I come on way to strong but then hide my feelings all at the same time. I am well aware that my loving style is one that only a certain kind of person can handle. There is a fine line between infatuation and love.

So why am I scared of loving people after having been through 6 relationships with different types of men? Because I feel that I will be broken and torn all over again. That I will love with the intensity of a blazing forest and that person will go running for the hills. When I choose you that’s it. I’ve chosen and I will stick by you unless I feel that the relationship is not a healthy one.

I am in the process of learning self love and creating boundaries. It’s something I lost track of. But that flame that lives in me will never die out. It’s like a match that won’t go out. People have used my intensity against me but that’s ok it means that they aren’t my type.

  • Vanessa Vallozzi

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