So They Say

Sitting here dreaming

Waiting for some fun

Sitting here hoping

You’ll get me undone

Longing for the touch

Our lips, they gently brush

And I feel the blood rush

To my cheeks


Bathing in the bowl of a sink

Lowering my bottom

Wishing for more

Evening out the score

The words of men

Can strike a nerve

Women silenced

Longing to be heard

And I say

Look at me

Look at all the great things

You can be

It’s all in your heart

Let it out in your art

When the world fails you

Can’t breathe another day

Don’t want to see

All the faces

The bodies they hate

The people they overrate

The untouched ones

The innocent

The teenage dreamers


Full of streamers

And I sit and wait

For our time to come

To speak out

To a world

That wants to keep us all

As little girls

Ignorance is bliss

So they say


  • Vanessa Vallozzi



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