I Remember Faith

There was an article I read from some University or other that conducted a study on humans in dangerous situations. It was concluded that someone is more likely to help you when there is only one person close by rather than a crowd. When someone was put in danger where many people were around, no one came to their aid. But when there was only one person close by, that person helped out.

I saw this first hand at my church. Some years back a man had what I recall as a heart attack but it may have been less severe than that. The priest continued the sermon as if nothing was happening. Only one of the ushers went to help and called out to the priest for help. No one moved. People looked but did nothing. How horrifying for that man and his family to be surrounded by fellow Christians and no one helped. I remember looking at them thinking “WTF”. But I am just as guilty, I did not move. Why? Fear. Was I allowed to move… people who were older than me did nothing…

I think back to this moment now and think: “I hope if I ever drop to the floor with a heart attack someone around me  would help out.” But I have little faith in humanity now. And people wonder why?

  • Vanessa Vallozzi

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