All The Time

Trying hard to write this song

Trying hard all night long

Can’t hear anything but another voice

Looking at the window and I find

Another choice

What will I do

And who will it be

Can I set myself free


Standing on  a mountain top

Overlooking the sea

Blue sky

Overlooking me

And I see a purple sunset

Colours that I saw

Flying in the air

In my private jet


Holding on to every tear

Do you remember when you and I were so near

Nearly perfect


Then they brought me to the Red Tent


Lovers live out their dreams

Lovers let out their screams


Hold them dear


Walking on a cloud called nine

Walking on it all the time

Roses are red

Violets are not

And sometimes I look in the mirror

Girl you’re so damn hot

Trying a new mantra

For a new day

Trying it on

Seeing if it will stay


Stay with me

And take my hand

Try and help me understand

The cracks in my mind

The cracks in time

Holding my hand to the cracks

All the time




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