I Often Wonder

I often wonder what life would be like if we lived in a perpetual musical. Ever since I was a child I have loved music and dancing. Going to live theater and ballet classes made me smile and feel like I could enter a new world. It made me want to create.

Last week as I sat in the North York Center with some friends we discussed the creative process. How one goes about creating art, an essay, a novel, a painting etc. So what is my creative process? For poetry it has been stream of consciousness and rhyme. You may sit there and say that’s not a process but it is. The process of diving into your subconscious and letting out all of your unresolved issues. Blogging has been a creative process. A process I turn to, to let out my feelings so they don’t overflow and take over my life.   Usually I end up being accidentally creative, which I like because it gives me the means to reproduce that type of creativity purposely. There is a freelancer I know of who brings art2life and that is what writers, producers, actors, painters, musicians and anyone in the creative field do. “To write well you must write what you know.” This does not mean only in the way of experience.

Drew Barrymore’s character in Music & Lyrics talks about how in order to be creative we need to live our lives. We see things and hear things, taste things and smell things that stimulate us and activate our senses, activate our creativity. In a sense they wake us up to life.

I saw La La Land over the weekend and it is now one of my favorite movies . To me it displays how I feel in life. I can re-write history and give myself the love story I always wanted. I can live through my actions, my writing, my favorite songs, the movies I watch the people I meet. I can live through them all and feel what they feel. It’s amazing. It’s the life of  28 year old blogger.

  • Vanessa Vallozzi

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