The Game of Life

Pumping up that music

Feel it so good

Feel it all over

Running through my veins

Running to my heart beat



Sitting in an office chair

Moving it up and down

Moving all around

Spinning the globe

Wishing for a destination

Into the unknown


Territories we seek

People we meet

Clapping the heels of my feet

And drowning in fear


Fear of expectations

Fear of the unknown

Fear of the place I call home


Unconditional love

That’s what the bible says

But who loves this way

None of us are well read


To many words out there

To many stories to tell

Only the mediocre ones sell

To a social structured mass

A rumor that never will pass

A match lit in parking lot


People long for pleasure

Most live in pain

Most dread the mundane

Most don’t know

We are all insane

When it comes to the game

Of life



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