World View From My Bubble

Cards Against Humanity. This is how I feel most days when I read news articles. What can I say? I’m disappointed in the whole of the human race including myself. I live in a suburban bubble filled with people who live comfortably. Not a day goes by that I don’t thank the higher powers for this.

Why don’t I ever write about politics or current events? Why don’t I ever write about my thoughts on refugees or laws? Why don’t I write on topics like Black Lives Matter and the police brutality? The answer is simpler: it angers and frightens me. What if I say the wrong thing? What if I offend someone with my thoughts or they come out completely wrong?

My focus in all of my writing has been to bring relief from all these depressing topics that are publicized on a daily basis. I can’t change the horrible things that happen in this world. All I want is to make people smile and stay lighthearted. Like when I was 17 and everything seemed simple. I was getting good grades in almost every subject (cough cough, math not so much). I knew I wanted to read and write. I knew I never wanted to look at an equation again and I knew that I would get into most places I applied to. What I didn’t know is where it would take me.

The world puts pressure on us to have our lives all figured out. To have original thoughts and create something from nothing. That is what life is right? I sometimes use the mantra “I am living today to create myself, always moving forward to a newer, brighter, better version.” When I see and hear news about war and bombings. Children dying, police shooting unarmed black boys and men I wonder how anyone could think these actions are the right ones. Isn’t it common sense? Did we not already fight this fight or is history always doomed to repeat itself through newer outlets?

We don’t all have the courage to do what soldiers, police officers and firefighters do. I respect that. But the problem is in authority figures who over step their bounds. They make it harder for the good people to be trusted and seen. Like Mike Posner says in his song I Took a Pill in Ibiza “never know who to trust like this.” I wish I could say I was compelled to write about topics that would inform you of world news but I’m not. I’m compelled to tell you about the simpler things in life. My own experiences and the things that bring me higher. The things that make me smile. The things that are to often forgotten in this harsh world we must live in.

  • Vanessa Vallozzi

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