When To Love?

What a weird question right? The answer seems simple: all the time! Today in my Stepping Stones program at Mackenzie Health a fellow member of the program, Nick, made a good point, that Valentine’s Day is overrated. Where is our love the rest of the year? People usually either love or hate the day. To me I ignore the commercialized version of Valentine’s Day and remember that although we would like to think we are better than having a day to celebrate love, some of us need this day because we don’t remember. I have forgotten to show love many times in life. If everyone would stop buying cards and gifts and actually spend the day loving, we would all see it differently. And maybe we would spend the rest of our days differently as well.

I give props to Nick for showing love throughout the year and props to all of you who remember it beyond this day. Keep doing you!

Happy Thursday!

  • Vanessa Vallozzi

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