Be Okay

I find myself sad most days

But smile at times that have faded

And I wish I could forget the past

Forget every mishap

I want to move on and breathe new air

I want to tell the ones I love I care.


Deep inside though I’m left in the dark

Left to sift through my mind

Delusions and nothing but time

Time to think

Time to feel

Time to learn how to heal

Thoughts that haunt my dreams

Thoughts that follow me


I don’t know why life is this way

I hide and cry

Tissue to dry my eyes

Waiting for someone to come and take my pain away

Waiting all day

For something I know will never happen

Something I wished for a long time ago

Something only the dead will know


Can you hear my heart cry out

A cry for help

An internal pain

Living among all things mundane

Living in the pouring rain

Like a sin we can’t forgive

A person we cannot see

A love so strong

It rains out of me

As I lay on the cold tiles

The wooden floor

But I don’t dare knock on the door



All this lies within me


I don’t understand what I see

I don’t know anymore what is real

I don’t know how to tell you how I feel

Cindy told me it’s like a snow globe

Shaken up in my head

Shaken up as I lay in bed

It hurts and it’s sad


Most of what I see and feel is hate

Mostly what I want is to forget

Forget all that has happened

All that can’t be undone

Forget that no one I have met

Has been the one

Alone with my thoughts I will stay


But I will be ok

  • Vanessa Vallozzi



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