❤️ Let’s Talk About Love ❤️ 

Ever since I was little I always had intense crushes on people. That wouldn’t have been love though, that would have been infatuation and hormone development.

My dream has always been to be a writer. Write a few novels, have a blog that gives great advice to women and work for a magazine. That’s what I want from my work life. That right there would be living in love.

I’ve always been a hopeless romantic. I want to find love and make love all day and come home to someone I know is in my court. Is part of my “no matter what club” as Kelly Cutrone calls it. I’ve thought in the past I’ve been close. But those relationships were far from ideal. Although I lived through them with as much passion and love as I could. I gave all of me to these people and that is how I intend to be in my relationships. When I love you I give it my all even if that means walking away so the other person can be happy.

Family has always been important to me even when I don’t feel they have my back. I love them. That’s what I’ve always wanted from life. A life filled with love. I hope I can help anyone who comes upon this blog find that in their own life.

  • Vanessa Nicole

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