She had waited for this moment since the day they met. His lips pressed against hers. His hands around her waist. Both of them were silent and the world slightly blurred around them. She loved him. Wanted to shout it from the roof tops the moment their lips met. But she stayed quiet and still. When the kiss was over he left her there infront of the doorway. How nice of him to walk her home.

This wasn’t a date. No it couldn’t have been. They had been studying for exams in the library and bumped into each other. It was late, past midnight now. She watched him walking down the sidewalk until he turned the corner.

She fumbled in her purse for her keys now. It was dark and her family forgot to leave the outside lights on for her. It wasn’t like them to forget the lights. It was better though, it made the kiss a secret and she liked secrets and this one would be hers.

That night as she lay her head down to sleep, a smile creeped over her pink lips. Eyes closed she could feel his body against hers. The heat it emitted. She could feel his fingers curl as their tongues brushed.

Tonight, she would only have good dreams and maybe finally get some sleep.